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3 Values Every Family Dentist Must Have

3 Values Every Family Dentist Must Have
April 14, 2017 Nicholson Blog
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Professionalism and expertise aren’t the only skills that matter when you’re looking for a family dentist. Of course, they are crucial, but you also want your dentist to be caring, empathetic, and attentive to your needs and concerns.  

When it comes to finding a family dentist, you need to look for someone who has both comprehensive medical knowledge and excellent people skills.

Here are the three of the most important values a family dentist must have:

  1.   Genuine Care for People


A visit to the dentist can be nerve-wracking, especially for the little ones. So, you need someone who knows how to care and connect with his or her patients. That is where a great “people person” can ease the anxiety and make the process smoother for the whole family.

Compassion and respect are also incredibly important when relating to patients. Dental health impacts many areas of one’s life, and a good family dentist is one who can understand your concerns with a compassionate heart. You want your dentist to be able to listen and relate to your needs so that he/she can better guide you to healthier practices. Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable enough with your dentist and actively seek the help you need, with no shame or fear.

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Our goal is to have your kids running to the dentist, not running away 🙂

  1.   Great Communication Skills

Knowing how to get close to people and speak their language is essential. A family dentist encounters patients with a variety of personalities and personal backgrounds every day. You not only need someone to genuinely care for others but also someone who is an excellent communicator.

It’s not easy to educate patients on dental health hygiene, treatment, and prevention. Make sure your family dentist knows how to speak about technical matters in an easy, understandable way, even to your kids. Keep in mind that a charismatic communicator can have a powerful influence on you pursuing with a new healthy practice.

  1.   Flexibility and Desire to Learn

Dentistry is an industry that is constantly evolving. New technologies and approaches are appearing every day. Keeping up with dentistry innovation is a tremendous asset for a family dentist to have. It allows for better and more personalized approaches to treatment and an overall greater work and patient satisfaction. After all, no one tooth is like another.

A great family dentist is one who can be flexible around your family’s needs. One who can adapt to each and every one of your family member and who can make everyone feel welcome and heard.   

Finding the perfect dentist for your family is important – but it doesn’t need to be a complicated task. Look for someone who is a top expert in the industry while still knowing how to relate to his or her patients’ needs.

If you’ve been looking for a great family dentist but weren’t able to find one that meets your needs, then you should consider what we can do for you. Dr. Nicholson and his staff have created a caring environment where personal relationships with the patients matter just as much as preventing cavities!