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3 Ways To Prepare Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

3 Ways To Prepare Your Child For Their First Dental Visit
March 30, 2018 Nicholson Blog

Is it time for your child’s first dental visit?

Taking a child to the dentist for the first time is a scary experience. The last thing you want is your child to fear the dentist forever.

As a guideline, we tell parents that if they see something that concerns them, we can look anytime. But first “real” visit sometime between age 3-5.

We also encourage younger siblings to watch older ones a time or two before their visit. This inspires confidence and may even get them excited for their first visit.

Read on for a few ways to prepare your child for the dentist!

1. Choose the Right Dentist

Before you bring your child to the dentist for the first time, it’s important that you pick the right dentist.

Not any dentist will do for the first dental visit. You’ll want to find a dentist who is comfortable working with children’s teeth.

Don’t worry if your dentist cannot accommodate your child. It’s important you find the right one for them.

If you don’t know any child-friendly dentists, you can do some research on the internet. Or ask your friends and family members if they know a good family dentist.

Once you’ve found one, it may help to visit the dentist appointment with your child before their appointment. This way they’ll have a positive impression of the place.

It will help if they can get a treat or something else fun during this initial visit.

2. Lead By Example

If you want your children to be more comfortable before their first dental visit, make sure you lead by example.

Make sure you show your child your daily dental routine. Have them around you in the bathroom when you’re brushing your teeth, it’s something you learn to do together.

Show your kids how to brush their teeth from a young age so they’re familiar with the concept.

Make sure they see you practicing good oral hygiene before you expect them to care about it for themselves.

If you’re one of those people with dental anxiety and phobia, try to conceal it from your kids.

The last thing you want is to pass it down and make them also be afraid of the dentist.

3. Examine Their Teeth at Home

Before you take your child to the dentist for the first time, it’s a good idea to perform some simple tests at home.

This will make them more comfortable. We’re not saying you have to know what to look for. Simply get them comfortable opening their mouth and having someone look at their teeth.

You could also play dentist with them. Gather some colorful toothbrushes and their favorite toothpaste and make a game out of it.

Showing them there’s nothing to fear will prepare them for the dentist.

first dental visit

Creating a positive environment around oral care at home will lead to more confidence at the dentist!

Prepare for Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Taking your child to the dentist for the first time is a big step. Ensure you make them comfortable by showing them there’s nothing to fear.

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