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A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Best Dentistry for Children

A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Best Dentistry for Children
November 30, 2018 Nicholson Blog

Did you know that 43% of children have at least one cavity? Although these numbers are down from 50% in recent years, the need for pediatric dental care is still high.

Taking your child to the dentist at a young age can reduce their risk for oral health problems significantly. However, finding the right dentistry for children can seem daunting.

If you want to know how to find the perfect dentist for your child, follow these four steps.

1. Find Local Pediatric and Family Dental Offices in Your Area

What are the important differences of a pediatric dentist vs a general dentist?

While a general dentist is capable of treating children, they may not have much experience. These dentists will take care of your child’s teeth, but the experience may be negative for them.

A pediatric and family dentist will cater to every child’s needs. They know how to make children feel comfortable during a new experience. They can also explain oral health in simple ways children can understand.

If you bring your child to a pediatric and family dentist, they will leave with a perfect understanding of how to take care of their teeth. With the right dentist, they will look forward to follow-up appointments.

2. Read Online Reviews and Ask for Referrals for Dentistry for Children

Now that you know family dentists are better at providing complete care for kids, it’s time for you to start researching. Gathering a list of local dentist practices online and from word of mouth is a good place to start.

Take the time to read plenty of online reviews to learn about other people’s experiences. Narrow your list down to a few top contenders that you can research more in person.

3. Ask for a Free Consultation

If you’re dealing with a friendly practice, the dentist should have no problems with meeting you and your child. It’s important to schedule a consultation before settling on a dentist for many reasons.

You can observe how the dentist and other staff interact with your child. Everyone should make them feel relaxed and special. During this visit, your child won’t have anything done to their teeth.

This is the time for you to ask questions and get to know each other. The dentist should take the time to explain important topics. They may go over the pediatric tooth chart, educate your child how to properly brush and floss, and explain their methods and philosophies.

You should also be aware of your surroundings in the office. Do they offer toys in the waiting room? Is nice music playing? Are there televisions playing children’s programs?

4. Talk to Your Child about How They Feel

Communicating with your child is a great way to make them feel valued and independent. You can have your own favorites, but your child should have the final say if they’re old enough to decide. Since they are the ones in the chair, they should feel comfortable with their dentist.

dentistry for children

Include your child in the process and they will be more confident at the dentist!

Do You Need Kids and Family Dental Care in Albany, OR?

Now that you know the steps for finding the right dentistry for children, you can make sure that taking your child to the dentist is a positive experience. Children who trust their dentist are less likely to develop cavities and other health problems.

If you live in the Albany, Oregon area, Nicholson Family Dental would love to take care of your family. If you have any questions about the services we offer or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, please contact us.