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Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Dental Care

Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Dental Care
April 29, 2019 Nicholson Blog

Emergency Dental Care

Often, the worst part of an emergency is knowing that you don’t know what to do. Thankfully a dental emergency, however painful, is at least relatively simple to respond to. When you’re dealing with a dental emergency, there are three basic steps to take:

  1. Take care of the tooth
  2. Call your normal dentist
  3. Get in for an emergency appointment

Take Care of the Tooth

The first goal of your emergency dental appointment will be to return the tooth to its socket and help your mouth feel and look like this never happened. Therefore, if one or more of your teeth has been knocked out, you’ll want to keep them safe and clean–and even return them to their respective sockets if you can.

For any tooth that can’t be set back in place while you wait–because of pain, multiple pieces, fragility, or the like–rinse it off and place it in a container of milk or your saliva to await its attempted reattachment.

Call Your Normal Dentist

Give luck a chance–if your emergency happens during business hours, it’s not unlikely that your normal dentist will be able to see you right away. But even if it happens after hours, still call your regular dentist first. The office voicemail may give an emergency number to call.

Get in for an Emergency Appointment

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Besides preserving your tooth for the moment, your goal here is to get into a dentist’s chair as soon as possible. If calling your regular dentist won’t get that done for whatever reason, you can do a simple Google search for emergency dentists in your area.

Otherwise, go to the emergency room. They can provide a referral and possibly even prescribe something for the pain in the meantime. They may even be able to provide some preliminary treatment.

It’s Going to Be Okay

Dental emergencies are rough. But if you know what to do, they can at least be mitigated.

If your dental emergency involves a tooth that has been knocked out, your first order of business will be preserving it. This can be done by rinsing it off and putting it into a container of milk or your saliva.

After that, it’s all about getting in for a dentist appointment as fast as possible. Start by calling your normal dentist and if need be, listening for the voicemail recording to provide an emergency number. If nothing else, look up “emergency dental care” on Google or go to the nearest emergency room.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to find yourself on the receiving end of some emergency dental care soon after your dental emergency gets going. Above all, keep your head while finding your way to emergency dental care.

If you need emergency dental care in Albany, OR, we can help take care of you!