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Why Choose Nicholson Dental for Family Dental Care in Albany, OR?

Why Choose Nicholson Dental for Family Dental Care in Albany, OR?
May 31, 2019 Nicholson Blog

If you simply look up “family dental care Albany OR,” the sheer avalanche of results can feel more than a little overwhelming. How can a person feel confident that Nicholson Family Dental is the best choice for family dental care in Albany? To us, two reasons stand out among the myriad others as the best reasons to choose Nicholson Dental: experience and community.

Family Dental Care Experience

Dr. Nicholson began his career in dentistry in 1983 in the Air Force. He went all the way to England to provide our troops and their families with dental care. In 1988, he retired as a Captain and came home to Albany.

He got a job as an associate dentist and, after just three years, purchased the whole practice. In the nearly-30 years since, Dr. Nicholson has provided top-quality family dental care at what became Nicholson Family Dental–as well as volunteering many hours at Albany’s Boys & Girls Club’s on-site dental clinic.

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A good family dental practice should live out their own values of community and family!

Albany, OR Community

At Nicholson Family Dental, there aren’t many staffing changes. Most of our employees are long-time veterans of the office and know our patients by name. Dr. Nicholson has worked to cultivate a community culture in the office that promotes collaboration and compassion.

When he’s not providing family dental care at the office, Dr. Nicholson can often be found mentoring budding dental assistants at Linn-Benton Community College and participating in the Rotary Club of Albany. One dentist can’t treat everyone, but he can certainly help build outstanding dentists and assistants who will go on to become as important to their communities as Dr. Nicholson is to ours.

Dr. Nicholson for Family Dental Care in Albany, OR

When you’re searching for the right dental office for your family, make sure to keep Nicholson Family Dental in mind. 25+ years of family dental care and such personal involvement in the community make for an expert you can trust–and maybe even look forward to seeing!

Click here to send us a message or find our phone number. We look forward to meeting you!