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Finding a Family Dentist that’s Actually Like Family

Finding a Family Dentist that’s Actually Like Family
August 30, 2017 Nicholson Blog

Dentists are often one of those things we go searching for once we already need one.

When it comes to family dental care, though, it’s more common to find a practitioner ahead of time, and keep them “on file” for an emergency.

But how do you go about ensuring your family dentist has what it takes?

Today, we’ll be looking at exactly what you’ll need to find a dentist who works well with the unique needs of your family.

Your Family Deserves The Best Dental Services

While every medical operation is unique, there are some simple steps you can follow to find the perfect dentist for your family.

Go On Reputation

The first thing to look for in a dentist, as with any other family service provider, is reputation.

Visit review websites, ask about them on local groups for your city on social media, and ask your friends and family. Whatever route you take, make sure you’re asking people whose opinions you respect or trust.

family dentist

Make sure you take advantage of online reviews when looking for a family dentist!

Ask About Experience

Dentists are medical professionals. They perform procedures that require a level of training and professionalism to do safely.

When contacting a dentist for the first time, ask about their qualifications. They need some kind of education to back up their offering, and it’s up to you to decide whether this meets your expectations.

Then, ask them for information on their experience as well. Whether braces, fillings, or root canals, you need a medical professional with the experience to cover your needs.

Visit The Office

This is a simple idea that a lot of people neglect.

Always visit your dentist’s office before committing to them.

Making the trip over to their office might sound easy, in theory, but traffic and busy life schedules might make it more of a hassle.

Even if it’s an extra errand, you’ll want to know what facilities they have on-site before coming in with your family for the first time.

Don’t Get Fooled By Bells And Whistles

As with many businesses, dentists will sometimes buy nice furniture, chairs, TVs, and other impressive items to win customers.

It’s easy to get caught up in things like this, but be careful. If you’re worried your dentist is compensating for his lack of ability with fancy toys, consider changing or doing more research.

Insurance (and Other Personal Requirements)

Our last point for today is an administrative one.

Always make sure your dentist accepts your personal insurance plan before coming in for the first time. If you’ll be coming in for a few bigger operations, you may also want to ask about payment plans.

Perhaps you need a dentist who’s open after hours because you work late. Maybe your dentist should be quick and efficient, and the cost isn’t a concern. Every family is different – make sure you get a family dentist whose services match your lifestyle.

Find A Family Dentist Who Works For You

The search for a great dentist for your family doesn’t have to be complicated. Ultimately, it comes down to simply asking the right questions.

From exams to restorative operations, Nicholson Family Dental is a full-service family operation with a lot to offer. Come stop by and see how we’ve been serving the Albany, OR community for over 25 years!