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Is Dental Mouth Wash Really Important? (Hint: Yes!)

Is Dental Mouth Wash Really Important? (Hint: Yes!)
May 29, 2018 Nicholson Blog

When you visit the dentist they pretty much always give you the same drill: brush twice a day, and floss. But there is a reason why a small bottle of mouthwash is always included in your child’s goody bag.

Did you know that using dental mouthwash is a crucial component of excellent oral hygiene? Here are just a few of the benefits you will get.

Dental Mouthwash Freshens Breath

Let’s start with the obvious. Your breath will smell so much better if you use mouthwash. It also keeps your breath smelling fresher longer.

Mouthwash kills any bacteria associated with bad breath. With so many flavors to chose from, you can find usually find a good option and get rid of that pesky bacteria.

Make sure to use it before any date, or that long shift at work to avoid any embarrassing bad breath situations!

Mouthwash Sends Plaque on A One Way Trip out of Your Mouth

Mouthwash alone can’t completely get rid of plaque that you already have like some kind of miracle elixir, but using it as a helpful tool can prevent plaque from building up.

“Tool” is actually the perfect word to use in the case of some mouthwashes. Some light up the plaque in a bright blue or green color, that way you can see where the plaque is at and focus your brushing efforts there.

You mainly see this in children’s mouthwashes but some adult ones have it too. If you can’t find the adult mouthwash that has this feature, there’s no shame in using your child’s mouthwash.

dental mouth wash

Mouthwash isn’t just for preventing bad breath – it can keep your teeth whiter too by helping remove plaque!

It Removes Annoying Food Particles

Did you know that it’s perfectly acceptable to use mouthwash before you actually brush your teeth?

If you use mouthwash before brushing you can actually use it to knock those annoying popcorn debris from between your teeth.

This gives your brushing and flossing a head start and keeps the food from sticking around and forming gross bacteria.

Stops Cavity Formation

If you choose a mouthwash that has fluoride written on the label, it can stop the formation of cavities before they even think about starting.

Using mouthwash with fluoride can also harden your enamel, which is why some countries decide to put it in their water supply.

Mouthwash can ward off tooth decay and gingivitis, so in the end it is worth slipping into your routine just to avoid the painful cavities.

Use Mouthwash Daily

Dental mouthwash is a great tool that you can use before or after you brush and floss. Oral care is a team effort, you need a mixture of all three things to prevent bad breath, cavities, and plaque build up.

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