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Tip: When to Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Exam

Summer is a great time to schedule a dental appointment for your child. With school out and activities dialed back, finding the time for this important appointment is easier for some families.

We are often asked, “When should I bring my child in for the first time?” Dr. Nicholson is happy to take a peek in your child’s mouth at any time, especially if you see anything you are concerned about.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends “First visit by First birthday.” This appointment is very quick and easy for both parent and child. Dr. Nicholson will have you hold your toddler and literally just take a quick look. Sometimes this is done in our child-friendly play area and the child doesn’t even realize they are having an exam.

Dr. Nicholson will make sure that teeth are erupting properly and if any problems are noted, we can get your child set up with a specialist who treats young children. This first appointment lets parents discuss:

  • How to care for an infant’s or toddler’s mouth
  • Proper use of fluoride
  • Oral habits, including finger and thumb sucking
  • Ways to prevent accidents that could damage the face and teeth
  • Teething and milestones of development
  • The link between diet and oral health

Dr. Nicholson recommends that children come in for their first “real” cleaning and checkup between the ages of 3 and 5. Before starting kindergarten is a good time for most children.