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How to Choose a Good Dentist: 2017 Edition

How to Choose a Good Dentist: 2017 Edition
February 2, 2017 Kris Asleson

Finding a dentist is not always easy! Oral health should be a priority for anyone, but finding a doctor you trust, and one who is understanding of your oral, as well as overall health can be difficult.  We have put together a few guidelines to help you make an informed decision.

Qualifications and Registration

First, your future dentist must have the proper education and be legally certified by the dental board of the state she/he practices in. Dentists, in general, have 8 years of schooling and receive a doctorate in dental surgery. (Either a DDS or DMD degree.) Did you know- State Board Certification is online and anyone ca check this. If complaints or legal action has been filed against a doctor, it is easily viewed as public record. Dentists who specialize in an area of expertise will have additional residences and certifications.

A Dentist’s Chair-side Manner

After making sure you are dealing with a certified professional, chairside mannerisms are another important consideration when selecting a dentist. Dentists are one of the most “feared” medical professionals, so it’s important that you feel as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Make sure your dentist is also respectful and friendly enough to make you feel at ease. He or she should also walk you through every single step of your treatment and make sure you are given all the necessary information to make informed health-related decisions. This is true of staff in the office as well.

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A good dentist should present an office environment that offers feelings of comfort and professionalism for the whole family.

Dental Practice Standards and Technology

A professional dental office should be clean and organized. That is a requirement, not an option. If you walk into a dental office and you notice that not everything is in great shape or clean enough, acknowledge the red flag and try another dental practice! It is ok to ask about sterilization practices of the office.

Additionally, the staff should be efficient and helpful, but more importantly, respectful of their patients. Their service should be completely transparent regarding price plans and treatment costs. Everyone should wear protective gear at all times during patient treatment and should be willing to talk you through every step of the treatment you are being offered.


Word-of-mouth recommendations can be a good way to start. You can ask your friends or family what they think about their dentist and if they would recommend him or her. If you trust them enough, you’ll probably trust their choice of a dentist as well. Other sources that can be just as trustworthy are your local pharmacist or family doctor. Customers’ reviews on the internet may also be something to consider. With access to so much information these days, you’ll be able to search online for professional dental practices and maybe even contact some of their patients for their opinions.

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