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Why Is a Back-to-School Dental Check-Up Important for Your Kids?

Why Is a Back-to-School Dental Check-Up Important for Your Kids?
September 30, 2018 Nicholson Blog

Your smile is one of your most important features. It’s often what strangers first notice about you. When you have a vibrant smile, you can also have healthy self-esteem.

As any parent can attest to, kids aren’t the most vigilant brushers. Getting them into the bathroom can feel like pulling teeth for both parties. This is why routine check-ups are crucial for children’s dental health.

One of the best times of the year to make an appointment for your child’s dental check-up is right before school starts. This article will explain 5 reasons why you should schedule your child’s appointment during the back-to-school window.

1. Kids Relax During the Summer

Kids look forward to summer as soon as the first day of school starts. Once freedom finally arrives, they like to focus on activities that make them happy. Brushing their teeth regularly isn’t one of their priorities.

This means that a check-up can prevent the onset of a cavity or address any early cavities before their condition worsens.

2. They Also Eat More Sweets

What pairs better with games and hanging out with friends than tasty treats? While sweets can be a nice reward for kids, summertime is when things can go overboard.

A dentist checks for any discoloration in the teeth that could lead to cavities. If you’re vigilant about damage control after summer ends, your wallet and child will thank you for preventing cavity fillings.

3. Even Adults Can Miss Some Spots

As it turns out, many adults don’t know how to properly clean their teeth, which is why dental visits are important at any age. If your child’s dentist notices problem areas, they can teach your child how to be extra thorough.

If you’re bringing your child to the dentist, you should look into scheduling an appointment for yourself, too. You never know what you can learn to improve your oral hygiene.

4. Establishing a Dental Check-Up Routine Helps Long-term

We can all admit that going to the dentist isn’t as fun as your child’s other activities, but making a habit of getting dental check-ups twice a year can create positive lifestyle changes.

Helping your children establish a healthy habit and leading by example can ensure they remain healthy their whole lives.

5. They Can Feel Confident

The first day of school is nerve-wracking for any age group. Every child wants to look and feel their best so they can be accepted by their peers. Getting a dental check-up and cleaning can give your child the brilliant smile that they deserve.

The visit might not be at the top of their favorite activity list. However, complimenting their smile can motivate them to brush their teeth every day and agree to routine check-ups in the future. Positive reinforcement can work wonders for raising happy, healthy kids.

Want More Tips?

Getting your children to understand the importance of a regular dental check-up is only part of the battle. Nicholson Family Dental is here to make your job easier!

If you want more helpful tips to make dental hygiene more fun in your household, check out our blog.