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5 Key Reasons Why You Should Use Dental Floss Daily

5 Key Reasons Why You Should Use Dental Floss Daily
September 6, 2017 Nicholson Blog

You know that feeling of guilt when your dentist asks you if you’ve been regularly flossing? We get it. It’s one more thing to add to your already busy routine. However, those extra two minutes can do as much as save your life.

Using dental floss regularly has more benefits than giving you clean, shiny teeth. It works towards your overall body health. Flossing helps prevent gum disease, expensive emergency room visits, gum bleeding and more. Here’s five reasons flossing can make your life better:

The Lowdown on Dental Floss

Push Off Your Plaque

One of the main reasons Dentists want you to use dental floss is to fight off stubborn plaque. Plaque is a film that builds up on your teeth, made of bacteria. The sugars in your food feed the plaque and it eats away at tooth enamel.

This bacteria feeding frenzy is what leads to cavities and other tooth health issues. That’s why your parents always warned you to not eat too much sugar. It wasn’t your sugar high that worried them, but the bacteria’s.

If you floss twice a day, the floss removes plaque before the frenzy begins. Just be sure to brush your teeth consistently as well!

The Bleeding Will Stop

For infrequent flossers the bloody dental floss can throw off a well-meaning routine. It would seem that the best way to combat this painful flossing is to not do it right? Wrong.

Flossing regularly will decrease the bleeding in your mouth. As you work up to cleaner teeth and fewer bacteria builds in between them, you lessen the risk of infection. With fewer bacteria threatening your body it won’t send the white blood cells (in your blood) to the rescue.

Give it a week or so for the bleeding to subside and you’ll be on your way to cleaner teeth and healthier gums!

Prevents Gum Disease

Gingivitis is the medical term for gum disease. It refers to when gums get inflamed and swollen around the teeth.

It causes:

  • Shrinking gums
  • Bad breath
  • Gum and bone disease
  • A change in bite
  • Loose teeth
  • Gum & teeth pain

Any way you brush it, gum disease isn’t a good time. Prevention is as simple as regularly brushing and flossing your teeth.

Prevents Other Diseases

When you have gum disease, it can lead to the contraction or worsening of more threatening diseases. It’s been clinically linked to diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases and strokes. Don’t skip your dental floss and let it get that bad.

It’s impressive what flossing can do. That’s a lot of prevention for a little length of string!

dental floss

Using dental floss daily can do wonders for your oral health.

Less Expensive Dentist Visits

When you floss your teeth regularly, your dental bill can go down. The oral health flossing promotes gives the dentist less to do, and less to charge you for. A study showed that people who regularly go to the dentist starting at a young age save more on oral care costs than those who don’t.

Brushing Up

After reading this post you should have five reasons to never skip flossing your teeth again. Even if you don’t do it every day (like you should) we’ll be happy if this post makes you floss one more time a week.

If you need any flossing tips or need to come in for your check-up, come see us. Our family-focused team is experienced, friendly, and ready to help.